Best Tips For Boosting App Marketplace Ranking

Monday, 23 March 2015

Best Tips For Boosting App Marketplace Ranking

Posted by Rahul Gupta

The search engine optimization plays a critical role in the accomplishment of many big businesses for a greater time. Not only the highest ranking at the Google search results matters most, but ranking better in the mobile app stands important. Actually many of the consumers are using mobile applications with the rise of more Smartphones in the market. Mobile apps are vigorously used for playing games, online shopping, movie reviews, online movie booking, connecting with friends, and many more.

Your app success depends mainly on how finely it ranks. This is actually a tricky task to make the mobile app rank excellently. As many users have web browser set up on their smartphones, you can certainly offer your app a good push so that the ranking will go up. We’ve listed here few of the best search engine optimization (SEO) tips that can increase the App marketplace ranking.

Understand The App Store Optimization

You should firstly understand the App Store Optimization (ASO) for developing the ranking of your app. This will assist your app in staying prominent. The target of ASO is to compel huge traffic towards your apps page for driving more number of downloads. For executing this, you can decide on the keywords that are to be used in your campaigning. Besides keyword performance, pay-per-click (PPC), word of mouth and reviewing server logs are the vital factors. 

Valuable Tool For Expanding Your Brand

Being an app developer or a business owner, you should concentrate on your mobile applications in order to expand your brand in a wider way. If you are having your own website or running your company’s site, with a mobile application you can further grab a fresh audience that was inaccessible earlier in the past. The consumers and clients of today are anticipating that whatever they require can be available on their mobile devices easily. 

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Know The Audience

It is very important to know your current audiences for them to use your app frequently. This is extremely critical for you to know which category of people are using your app, and how much attractive your apps are to them. You can refer to the other developers that have crafted apps just like yours, search them on social media, and also view their followers where they’re interested. You can even work out where your main audiences are situated for appealing them most. 

Target Market

You require taking the advantage of your sources of traffic though it’s quite tough to implement. It is very necessary to promote your apps often on regular basis. You need to talk about your app on social networking sites, send press releases, and advertisements on websites, write interesting blog posts, and carry out interviews regarding your apps. You need to market your app regularly for increasing the traffic. People will not only love your brand app but also support them, thus adding better traffic. 

Select The Best Category

As the competition is severe in the market, you need to strive hard to get top ranks for your apps in the App Store. So you can work elegantly by selecting a small category regarding your app. Instead of ranking average in the bigger categories, it is superior to rank at the top in a smaller category.

Improve Your Rating

When you apps have been popularly used, you can ask your regular users to rate your apps anytime whether they had a very good or good or average or bad experience by ticking in the rating boxes. When they say they have good or average experience, they leave back an official review, but if they’ve a bad experience, a contact form is offered to them. 

The Metrics Of ASO

You should consider few of the essential elements of ASO strategy that covers title, keywords, and downloads. You should include the most suitable keywords in the title that has the maximum performance. When you’re selecting proper keywords for your app, you should concentrate on selecting the ones that are quite niching enough. While downloads, the total number as well as momentum are the solution for having a thriving listing. 

Long Term Thinking

When you’re set to rank your app elevated on the app marketplace, you should go for long term thinking, by perking up your success level through delivering best quality products to your users. With the use of better qualities, the main app marketplace decides the ranking position to let you know whether the app is functional. 

Professional Icons And Screenshots

You should always remember to insert professional icons and screenshots for you app for maximizing more number of people who will download your app quickly. You should hire a professional to craft such an icon so that it looks appealing. Never allow your app icon to be poor that will only reduce the people from visiting your app as they won’t even download your app. You should also make sure that the screenshot of your app will appear exceptional. 

Listen To The Feedback

At last you should always listen to your users’ feedbacks. The users should approach your app and give their feedbacks that will help you in developing your app. You can even reflect upon adding a pop-up exhibit often by asking your users to give feedbacks. But you should ensure that this pop-up shouldn’t come up in between when your user is using your app. 

Therefore, you should always keep these effective tips in mind, in order to boost your app ranking that can gather more number of viewers towards your sites. 

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