Ultimate Pack Of 10 Tips To Make Your Blog Popular In 30 Days

Monday, 29 December 2014

Ultimate Pack Of 10 Tips To Make Your Blog Popular In 30 Days

Posted by Rahul Gupta
All the newbies wants to know about the work of professional bloggers or about those bloggers who are success in this field. They wants to know about those tips & tricks which worked for the professional bloggers. This provides them a way to grow their blog quickly ! "How to make your blog popular", I have seen this question at several places in different ways such as how to make my blog popular or how to make a famous blog. The way of asking of question is different but if you will ask me then I will just say two points which will describe it very well.
  • Smartness and Hard Work is required in blogging.
  • Before starting create a schedule and follow it till the end.
Making a famous blog or popular blog is a dream come to true for a blogger. I know it's not a child play to make a famous blog but if you have started doing this work and are hardworking and smart then success is your my friend. 

You can't make your blog popular overnight. I have seen some newbies spamming over the social networking. Beware !! don't do that it will never make a reputed blog rather it is considered spam and really sucks. If you will pay a little attention to list of famous blogs then you will note that all are at that position because of hard work of bloggers. Below is a list of some tips to build a popular blog.

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How To Make Your Blog Popular

1. Write Quality Content
This is the first step towards your success. Always try to write top quality content that will bring the attention of people towards your blog. This is the thing that can turn a new visitor into a regular blog reader. When you share top and high quality content then people share it more and more and your blog grows quickly. 

Most of the newbies are focusing only on writing 500+ words for SEO. My friends you are writing for your readers not for Google's crawlers. Those crawlers are not going to read your blog. Write for your audience that will help them.

2. Make Your Blog More Attractive
Always keep one thing in your mind that now a days people loves attractive things. They love to spend time on attractive looking things. If your blog is attractive then they will spend more and more time on your blog that simply increases engagement of audience. Follow the tips below to make your blog more attractive :
  • Use CommentLuv Premium Plugin on your blog to make people feel attractiveness in your blog and to increase audience. 
  • Make your site load faster because people don't have this much time that they will wait for the loading of your site.
  • Choose only that theme that suits your niche.
  • Always stay away from pop up ads because it distract readers.
3. Stay Active On Social Media
Social media also play a vital role in building a famous blog. If you will use it in a proper way then it can help you to make your blog popular in less than 30 days. Don't ever try to use spam tricks to boost your following on social media then will not attract users toward your blog rather you will lose the trust of the readers. 

Use working methods and white hat techniques to increase your fan following and try to stay active and helpful on social media that will be really helpful.

4. Blogging Communities
Will you believe ? If I say that you can get huge traffic for free, No you won't. But the fact is that you can get free traffic and you will believe in it just keep reading. Blogging communities are some sites which can drive huge traffic towards your blog if you rank on the home page of these sites. You can join them and try to get some crazy traffic. Below is a list of blogging communities that I use personally :

5. Giveaways And Cash Contests
Giveaways are one of the best method to grab thousands of audience. These two methods can boost your traffic in just one day. You can organize either any giveaway or cash contest to drive traffic towards your blog. 

Now a days there are sites available online that your can use to manage giveaways and contests. Below is a list you can use :
  • Raffelcopter
  • PunchTab
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6. Guest Blogging
As you know that building backlinks helps you to increase your blog's traffic. More and more high quality backlinks; more is the traffic. But when you get a backlink through guest blogging then it helps more than anything. Always try to write some guest post on another websites in a month. According to me guest blogging is the best way to build relationship with other bloggers, building backlinks and then driving traffic towards your blog or website.

Always read the guideline of that site where you are trying for guest post. Be aware about the guidelines of the site and write according to only that. It will help you in approving your post very soon.

7. Live Events and Webinars
If you are a good speaker then you can go for live events and webinars. Because most of the newbies are unaware about blogging. These newbies are always excited for some live events because these webinars can help them a lot to build a carrier in blogging and you can get traffic on your blog. 

Arrange some live events in your city and know about the problems of the bloggers. Always try to be helpful towards them because it builds a trust towards you and your blog. 

8. Write About Tutorial Articles
This is also a working trick to get some decent traffic for lifetime. the reason behind this is that articles related to tutorials get never old. They are evergreen and can drive traffic on your blog for lifetime if you have a good back-linking.

9. Building Email List
This is the thing which a blogger should start from the day he started blogging. If you are serious about why your subscribers are leaving your blog then just try to give them some offers which can bring them back. If one have a good list of loyal subscribers then one have a traffic that will stay forever.

10. Commenting
Last but not the least commenting is also a efficient way to get high quality traffic. Find some high PR websites related to your niche and build some comments on them. 

Keep one thing in mind that your comment should be related to that article and should be helpful to the readers because only then you an drive some visitors towards your blog.  


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