How To Convert PDF To JPG

Sunday, 29 June 2014

How To Convert PDF To JPG

Posted by Rahul Gupta
What Is JPG ?
The term JPEG actually refers to a standard for a lossy compression algorithm developed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group. When people use the term JPG, they usually refer to the JPG File Interchange Format (JFIF) that defines the way to produce an right file for computer storage and transmission.
PDF to JPG Converter

using a JPG stream. The JPG is an image file format used for color, gray-scale and monochrome images. It works best for images with a subtle gradation of colors, shades and tones because of its use of a lossy compression scheme.

What Is PDF ?
While PDF stands for portable document format. PDF ensures your printed or viewed file retains the formatting that you intended. The PDF format is also useful if you intend to use commercial printing methods.

Why You Will Need To Convert PDF To JPG ?
You might face these problems which i am going to explain you here at any stage of your life. 
Then what will you do ?
Simple you will go through a search how i will be able to convert PDF to JPG. 
Let's talk about some common problems through which you might come across.
  • To Open PDF files you always need a third-party software Adobe Acrobat Reader which you will have to install on your system, it doesn't come pre-installed on windows, but to open JPG you doesn't need a software. You can simply open it with default Windows Photo Viewer.
  • If you are surfing on Internet, did you noticed ? you are able to view each and every image easily, but do you able to see a PDF file? no you are not. You will need some plugins to view it in your browser.
  • If you are preparing for a presentation you might not be able to insert PDF file in it, if you are having some information in a PDF format, but using JPG you will be able to insert an image easily.

So these were some common issue which you might face in future, to solve these issue no doubt you will have to convert PDF to JPG.
So here i am going to explain you some methods which includes spicy cool websites, so you don't need to download any third-party software for it.

 Note: - Websites which i am going to show you here are arranged according to their Alexa rank from top to bottom, so you will be able to find out easily which website is at the top.

Zamzar: - The website which comes at the top position if you want to convert a PDF file in JPG with good quality and also not in big size.  
Good Thing:
  • No registration process required.
  • It is convenient to use, no software in requires just choose and convert.
  • Zamzar aim to complete all their conversions in under 10 minutes.
  • Happy customers since 2006.
Just Go Here To Convert =>> - Website at 2nd rank in our list. 

Good Thing:
  • Offers JPG quality of Average, Good, Excellent.
  • No watermark.
  • No limit on PDF pages, convert unlimited. 

Just Go Here To Convert =>>

Neevia Technology: - It is one of the oldest website to convert PDF to JPG. 

Good Thing:
  • Easy interface.
  • Adobe Acrobat compatibility option.  
  • Set resolution option.
  • Convert in very less time.
Just Go Here To Convert =>>

Pdfburger: - It is one the newest one in PDF to JPG converter websites but no doubt has gain high popularity.

Good Thing:
  • Select one or several files.
  • Stylish and convenient interface.
  • Just select files and click on start and its done !
Just Go Here To Convert =>>

 Smallpdf: - Last but not the least, this website is specially designed to convert PDF files to other formats. 

Good Thing: 

  •  Offers two options either choose files or you can also drag and drop them there.
  • Secure online conversion, the feature which is the best thing website is having. Files which you will convert will be deleted after one hour from their database. So no one will have access to them.
  • Works on all platforms.
 Just Go Here To Convert =>>

There are many software's and Android  applications also available but why to use them when you are having these online simple and easy to use tools. Just go with them and use them.


  1. Hey Rahul,

    I've used Zamzar numerous times but I believe it was for converting a video to audio so I could listen to it on my iPod. I know that it converts all types of files so it's good to know it can do this as well. I think I would take the lazy way out probably and just do a screen shot and then save it as an image. I know, kind of elementary but we learn as we go right.

    Good information and thanks for sharing these other sites.


  2. You are right Adrienne it's not only for conversion of video, it supports almost all the useful conversion.
    I listed it here because of its high popularity and ranking.
    Thanks for your comment keep visiting stay connected with us :)